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I bet you wish we had four more years of Barack Obama. Please tell me what Obama accomplished in his eight years as president. Not a damn thing is what he accomplished.

He was given a Nobel Peace Prize. After he received the prize he turned two U.S. military interventions into seven military interventions. Only God knows how many civilians he has slaughtered with drone strikes. He finds humor in the fact that he controls a kill list.

He is a great constitutional scholar who suspended habeas corpus. He executed an American citizen on foreign soil with a drone strike and for good measure he murdered the guy's teenage son with a drone strike a week later. Does this sound like due process?

He did put two civil rights attorneys on the U.S. Supreme Court. Wrong again: He put two more corporate lawyers on the bench. Corporations will be able to get away with murder for another generation.

Then there is the Affordable Care Act. Obamacare is a corporate giveaway to pharma and insurance companies. It forces citizens to buy pricey health insurance and fines them if they don't. Thirty million people are still uninsured. He is the reason we have Donald Trump.

Frans Swier,


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