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Missoulian mailbag

A gentleman from California says “fake news” writes, erroneously, that people want Obamacare and Donald Trump is wrong to say Obamacare is imploding.

People want Obamacare fixed, made more universal and cheaper. Obamacare is not imploding, but being destroyed by the Trump administration and complicit Republicans, by not funding it, shortening application times, crippling major features, and not doing anything other than “starving the beast.” The failure of Obamacare is the responsibility of this dysfunctional Trump group, and the press is only reporting what they can factually verify. 

Another Stevensville writer says the press is dishonest, and lists reasons. He makes a good point that the ISIS demise in Syria/Iraq has received little coverage. I have not heard Trump tweet much on this either! The writer makes some false statements, however. We are not fighting Islam, we are fighting Islam extremists, ISIS. We were historically wrong to intern Japanese Americans in World War II. The Constitution does not agree that “we are a Christian nation.” We may be based on Christian principles, which are shared by many other faiths.

Possibly the press is now hammering Trump because he vowed to “drain the swamp,” which he has instead made a more sophisticated, autocratic swamp.

Michael O’Lear,




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