The use of so-called “assault rifles” in most mass shootings is an example of why the argument from the extreme gun lobby that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” is just completely wrong.

Why do people who want to kill masses of people use assault rifles? Because assault rifles are so incredibly effective at killing masses of people. Nobody who wants to kill masses shows up with a weapon that they have to cumbersomely reload after every single shot because that would be incredibly ineffective at killing masses of people.

People who want to kill people choose guns over knives, bats, rocks, sticks and so on because of the gun's advantages for killing people. Not only can a gun more quickly do more damage, but the person using the gun remains at a safe distance from the victim(s). These reasons are why guns kill people!

The problem in mass shootings is the type of guns, and the number of them.

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Eliminating assault weapons is no problem for the Second Amendment. Nothing remotely like assault weapons existed when the Second Amendment was passed, and so there is simply no credible argument a conservative can make for protecting the ownership of assault weapons today.

William H. Clarke,


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