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Online-only letter to the editor: Is Sen. Tester a Marxist?

Online-only letter to the editor: Is Sen. Tester a Marxist?

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Dear U.S. Sen. Jon Tester:

It is with a heavy heart that I must ask you a question that is absolutely abhorrent to every American: Are you a Marxist?

I am asking this because your voting record, since the beginning of this congressional session, has been in lockstep with the evil Marxist Democrat leadership in Congress and the Marxist Biden administration. Whether you realize it or not, you are voting in concert with the communist concepts right out of the "Communist Manifesto" written more than a century ago by Marx and Engle.

Do you support the organization Black Lives Matter (BLM)? It is a proud Marxist organization with a goal to destroy the U.S. Constitution. Any BLM supporter can be nothing other than a Marxist. Do you believe a majority of Montana voters support BLM?

You have a unique opportunity to help save America and the U.S. Constitution and make Montana proud. Abandon the evil Marxist regime that has hijacked the Democrat Party and join the American patriots in the Republican Party to save the traditional America established by our forefathers. As you know, one shift in the balance of the Senate will provide the opportunity to stop turning America into the communist utopia envisioned by Marx and every communist nation in the world.

Will you help keep America a country of individual liberty and equal opportunity for everyone, or will you help turn America into a Marxist communist country with the equal outcome of misery, like Venezuela?

You can start immediately by voting against S.R. 1, the greatest move against the Constitution ever.

Are you an American patriot or a Marxist communist?

Steve Rossiter,


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