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Online-only letter to the editor: No longer voting for Republicans or Gov. Gianforte

Online-only letter to the editor: No longer voting for Republicans or Gov. Gianforte

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Last November I voted for Greg Gianforte. Generally I lean libertarian and support lower taxes, less government and more traditional values.

I became alarmed when I noticed legislation being pushed that had little to do with my values as a conservative and importantly as a Christian.

My home back east in Pennsylvania was rich in wildlife. It is shocking to me that my new home here in Montana is almost devoid of animals where one would expect to see and enjoy a wide variety even in parks, remote trails and open fields.

I’m sure many people aren’t aware of some of the legislation that has been passed this session concerning wildlife. I could hardly believe it when the issue of trapping was so central to our Republican-controlled legislature. Trapping as a hobby, because no one makes a living from it, torturing and killing animals, sickens me. Some of these policies may be appealing to men and women who also like to kill animals for fun in the most barbaric way possible, and maybe they think they are attractive to Republicans and to people of faith, but they are wrong.

The annihilation of wolves about to occur is heartbreaking; allowing trapping on private lands, creating a bounty for killing wolves, in fact killing any and all animals any way imaginable is apparently a priority for these people that I voted for. Every animal is precious and they deserve to live free. Scripture teaches us about wildlife: “But ask the beasts, and they will teach you; the birds of the heavens and they will tell you” (Job 12:7). At this point in time and with all the evidence in front of me, I would never vote Republican again in this state.

And Gov. Greg Gianforte is the biggest disappointment and disgrace; I will actively campaign against him when the time comes. I am shocked at his crassness and cruelty regarding our precious wildlife. I found out that he is a trapper himself and he illegally trapped and killed a collared wolf from Yellowstone named Max. I cannot respect a man who would do that, let alone vote for him.

Mary Sue Wardell,


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