Sexual harassment has captivated the news. And the allegations are turning politics topsy-turvy right now. This focus and open discussion is a very sensitive issue. I believe this opens up a great opportunity.

It is my belief that all behavioral deviations from what we call "moral," "right" and "acceptable" are treatable. It is also my belief that the person who is behaving badly often is the last one to actually realize the depth of their problem. We often ask, "What can possibly be on their mind?"

Our mind is a wonderful and awesome thing. It is the creative aspect of our very beingness. It impresses our physical brain and we behave and act accordingly. And the wonderful thing is, if a problem occurs in our behavior, there are very excellent therapies for helping change our mind and thus change our behavior. This is a transformational fact that interests both the spiritual and scientific movements in our culture.

My whole point in all this is this: Now that sexual harassment is being brought out in the open more and more, there is great opportunity for corrective action. Early and immediate detection of deviant behavior needs to be brought to attention in whatever setting. It is treating an illness.

And, yes, there are many opinions and options. But it makes a lot of sense to me to focus upon emphasizing treatment rather than just rehashing the behavior over and over again.

Bob McClellan,