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The American eagle is our national bird. The osprey is a member of the raptor family. The Osprey ball field has an osprey nest they return to year after year. Sometimes, after waiting to nest because Canadian geese have used their nest 40 feet in the air, they rebuild with sticks and twigs and move in.

After securing the nest, the female lays usually one to three eggs. Both parents tend the eggs and the chicks. They cover them day and night, in the rain, snow and wind, sometimes in extreme cold and hot temperatures. They protect them from enemies both on the nest and after they fledge. After fledging, the female teaches the young to fish.

The American eagle catches fish with its talons and the osprey plunges into the water for fish. A remarkable bird.

I believe the people of Missoula gave their ball team a proud name. We are proud of them for living up to their name.

P. Howard,


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