Outfitters and guides of the Madison River, with a sense of entitlement to the Madison River and the fish in it, want Ennis to believe the town would dry up if they don’t continue their monopoly on the river.

This small group has bullied the community and joined forces with the Montana Outfitters and Guides Association to try to stifle any reasonable regulation of the gross overuse by outfitters of our river.

Montana residents no longer come to fish the Madison because it’s so overrun by outfitted clients in summer. That’s hardly good for business in Ennis. Residents who fish here spend money too, but somehow we’re to believe that if we limit outfitter days our town will suffer. It’s hogwash.

And now Mac Minard, MOGA executive director, has been hanging around Ennis building support for his group. That’s fitting, since MOGA is all about exclusive use of public resources including our elk, deer and other wildlife. Its members cut off access to public lands and then complain about too many elk in those same areas after they sell trophy bulls.

Don’t think for a minute Minard cares about the Madison River or Ennis; this is about power-building by a bunch of welfare outfitters with that same sense of entitlement to our wildlife.

Pay attention, and stand up and fight for our river and our community. Email commissioners and tell them to stand up for Montanans: fwcomm@mt.gov.

Taylor Dennis,


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