Extreme tribalism has infected Democratic and Republican parties with an "us against them" attitude. Leadership encourages hatred and intolerance of the other party.

Three examples of positions most people agree with:

1. We oppose the murder of innocent people. Yet the Democratic Party supports abortion, murder of innocent babies, while the Republican party supports unconstitutional wars of aggression that murder innocent civilians.

2. We believe in free speech. However, a tribe only believes in free speech for its own beliefs and demands the government silence people who oppose those beliefs. Anyone who disagrees is disparaged, shouted down.

3. We desire peace. Barack Obama, a Democrat, and Donald Trump, a Republican have given lip service to promoting peace yet both commanders-in-chief are responsible for mass murder of innocent civilians.

Leadership of both parties has been taken over by extreme tribalism. It has infected the ranks and hatred is palpable, creating roadblocks to recognizing common ground that includes love of peace, justice and the need to defend the weak.

God gives people free choice. I pray for genuine unity arising from love of God’s truth and laws of peace, love, justice and liberty resonating with people made in his image.

Annie Bukacek,


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