As a white male American with military service and some age on him, I am appalled at like citizens who miss what's become so obvious the last three years none dare ignore it. The Donald Trump movement has substituted party fealty for constitutional authority and freed by it, perpetuates endless abuses of power.

It began as Eastern and Southern Europe did, which rooted its reactionary authoritarianism in the rural Po Valley and Schleswig-Holstein (Trump's Mid-West and Southern states), capitalized on alienation and militancy over treaty grievances, stagnant wage labor, and culture conflict (far-right religion and alt-right white supremacists/internet trolls), then gained elective office by perverting the electoral process and overwhelming traditionalist leadership from inside.

Significantly, new media like radio, amplified rallies and the big screen propagandized mass society with tabloid falsehoods and an ego cult (Trump's 63 million Twitter followers, Fox, Breitbart and Sinclair) while sidelining strapped journalistic media.

Trump's judicial appointments were dictated by extremists. False emergencies loosened constitutional restraints. Congresspersons endured public ridicule. Perverting “country” and bullying sovereign nations featured party hacks and outsiders fostered by the executive. Protecting the people's purse and impeachment were pooh-poohed at Justice, and corrupt dealing became a perk of office.

Bruce Russell Sr.,


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