Bike riders: It is not just a courtesy, but a necessity for the safety of pedestrians and yourselves to indicate to pedestrians that you are approaching from behind and on which side of them you intend to pass. "Behind you. Passing on the left." That is easy!

This morning (Thursday) while walking the dog with my husband and a friend along the river trail between the Missoulian and the university at least 20 bike riders approached from behind and zoomed by, frightening us and risking collision with us or the dog. Never once did any bike rider call out to warn they were approaching and passing. Each time they were close enough that if one of us had gesticulated with an arm, or the dog had changed course, there would have been a collision.

Collisions with bike riders and pedestrians (or dogs) are sure to cause injury to both parties. I repeat, it is not just a courtesy to warn pedestrians that you are coming by, it is a necessity to prevent injuries.

Thank you in advance for showing pedestrians some respect and protecting us all from injury.

Nancy Hirschenberger,


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