"We the people" are not to be swayed nor influenced by the loud and relentless voices from both the executive and legislative branches of government. These folks are being covered by the media 24/7.

"We the people" have already demonstrated not being swayed nor influenced by all this. The midterm elections powerfully showed the mood and good sense of our nation's people. "We the people" are not running for office, are not trying to influence those we are supposed to be serving; are not trying to protect our back-sides; are not feeling the pressure from some "executive branch" in our lives that threatens us in any way; and are very often not even controlled by the political party to which we say we belong.

No! "We the people" have spoken in the midterms and shall speak again in the general elections. All the political panels, all the media coverage of Congress, all the very partisan political palaver will not change the very positive trend our powerful decision-making public is making.

This is my take on where we are in America today as we endure the next months and months of very partisan political palaver.

Bob McClellan,


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