I’m a bit confused with the Oct. 24 guest column submitted by Don “K” Kaltschmidt, the current chairman of the Montana Republican Party. He states that “Montanans want our values reflected by the people who represent us,” to include the current president of the United States, I presume. This statement, coming from a spokesperson for the “family values” party, might be a wee bit hypocritical.

Kaltschmidt goes on to ask that “we look past the sideshow and focus on the significant gains made since 2016.” I call this defense of the morally repugnant behavior demonstrated on a daily basis by the individual occupying the White House to be the "Ted Bundy rationalization": Well, he had a few repulsive quirks — but he was still a good Republican.”

I took logic and ethics in college and the one principle my Jesuit instructor emphasized to us was that “the end never justifies the means.”

Bundy was a good Republican, by the way. He was an assistant to the Washington State Republican Party chairman, Ross Davis, in the early '70s before he decided to go on a tour the U.S.

Jim Hamilton,


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