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Thank God for Nov. 7. Now I go back to watching ads for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Afib, erectile dysfunction and Xeljanz, to name a few. I won't have to watch any more name-bashing, lies and badmouthing.

Now I can sit back and see what my new meds (I'll need them after all the negative ads) will do. I go to the doctor on Friday and I'm sure that he will prescribe some of each (except the erectile one) because my blood pressure is up, I now have COPD from loss of breath after watching the ads, I need Xeljanz after my bones ache from tossing the TV across the room and whatever else I may need.

I will come home and toss the pamphlets that tell you the side effects; I figure that if I lived through all this nastiness in the last few months, no side effects will get me. I just hope that my new insurance will cover the cost!

I say, bring on 2020, I'm ready.

I can't wait to see the Kubota tractor guys back on my new TV. I broke the old one when I tossed it. I wonder if my homeowners' insurance will cover that?

God bless America.

James Little,


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