Donald Trump's definition of fake news: Any news outlet or person who disagrees with him. Real news is any news outlet or person who agrees with him.

Trump has declared the news media as the enemy of people, contrary to our founding fathers and 44 previous presidents. Trump is now banning certain news media reporters because they ask the wrong questions.

What this president wants is the power to pick and choose who will represent the news, what questions to ask and most importantly what question not to ask — government control of the news media like in Russia and North Korea. Communist dictators are Trump's heroes and he admires their total control over everyone and everything. You are what you admire. When these dictators speak, Trump tells us their people stand to attention and salute because they love their communist leaders. Wrong! If these people don’t react this way, or protest, they are incarcerated or shot.

This president has taken the word of a dictator over 16 American intelligence agencies and our allies. No one should support a person who disrespects our military veterans as Trump has. Thank God only one-third of Americans are following this anti-American agenda.

Speaking of God, you Christians need to study that part of the Bible that warns us about false prophets.

Trump's agenda includes Trump’s family and friends' tax reform bill; do the math. Tariff war, do the math again. The wall, if built, you and I will pay for. His policy of separation of families, anti-environmental agenda, anti-working-class: A president who reeks of guilt. Being president does not make you who you are, it defines who you are.

Trump is a terminal cancer on democracy, the Constitution and the American people. The only thing false is him.

Steven Wills,


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