Thank goodness Montanans, unlike Russians, can weed out corruption at the ballot box. Or can we?

Dark money muddies the waters like mining companies polluted our waterways. And some media companies say facts are "fake news."

How to sort truth from fiction? One way involves bitter experience. In Libby, where I grew up, we found that jobs at the vermiculite mine meant premature death. Cut-and-run practices by lumber companies left Libby with a depressed economy instead of a robust one.

However, the past can offer positive outcomes. Montana's senators and representatives helped our state's wildernesses expand. Many tourist industry proponents feel that wilderness and environmental regulations lead to a vigorous, sustainable economy.

Enter the "liar in chief," who treats clean air and water regulations with disdain, incarcerates children, makes workers pay for his trade wars, wants women to sacrifice their reproductive rights.

Fellow Montanans, we're receiving a bill of goods instead of goods. Consequently, when the corrupt Donald Trump and his feet-kissers depart, we'll still need the MAGA hats, but this time colored blue!

And those who believe the president's deal is art and not artifice, there's a class designed for you — Russian 101 — at Trump University.

Mike Childs,


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