I will now tell you how the Democratic primaries are going to shake out.

The Democratic National Committee and the corporate media will collude to make sure that Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard are properly slandered and minimized. The DNC will rig the primaries by purging the voter rolls of Independents and those scary socialists. If by chance Tulsi or Bernie are ahead of the pack before the convention, the DNC will find a way to bring the convention to a second vote. During the second vote these magical super-delegates will come into play and the party will nominate a neoliberal corporate hack like Elizabeth Warren.

This is where I step in. Somebody has to represent the people. I will run for president as an Independent. Both major parties are bought and paid for by corporate America. I will work to get the money out of politics so the government can work for the people instead of the donor class. The only promise I can actually keep is to end all the wars that America is involved in. I can keep this promise because it is the duty of the commander-in-chief.

To be continued...

Frans Swier,


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