In my view, our media's present political reporting needs a lot more discussion on why the Republicans in Congress do not come out against our president's policies, rhetoric and behavior. The reason is that they are understandably afraid of losing needed votes if they presently speak out against Donald Trump.

Trump's "base of support" is very different from anything our nation has ever experienced. His 'base' is responding to many of the most negative aspects of our human thinking and behavior. And Trump continually promotes and 'ramps up' these aspects. They include fear, anger, attack, and the big one, blaming others for personal problems in our lives.

Trump's rhetoric resonates clearly. Trump's lies and casting blame feeds right into the human tendencies to blame difficult people and circumstances for these problems.

Our Republican congressional members recognize the present fervor of Trump's "base." They don't dare speak out against him for fear of losing important re-election votes.

This is real. This is true. This is scary. And it looks like we, as a nation, will simply have to live through this period in our political life until matters reach a level of intolerance which brings bipartisan governing back into our nation's political process.

Bob McClellan,


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