As a volunteer lobbyist and president of a non-partisan, non-profit state organization, I was very involved in the push to support the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid Expansion.

These programs make such a positive difference for Montanans; access to affordable healthcare is a necessity, not a luxury. Because of the ACA and Medicaid Expansion, thousands of Montanans who previously worried about not filling a prescription in order to afford groceries have access to quality care they can afford, and Montanans with pre-existing conditions don’t need to fear being unable to afford insurance.

And, the ACA is critical for Montana’s rural hospitals and medical facilities, as it has sharply reduced uncompensated care. They can remain open and continue serving their communities.

Meanwhile, proposals on the far right continue to attack and undermine them, while ideas on the left would lead to billions of dollars in spending cuts for hospitals that need it.

Yes, there may be parts of the ACA that need to be re-evaluated, but neither the ACA or Medicaid Expansion should be ended. Rather than scrapping these policies that help so many, or going down an unknown, costly path, they should be built upon and continually improved.

Joy Bruck,


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