I was surprised and a little disappointed to read the Dec. 31, 2017, Missoulian article “Western Montana lost warriors in 2017.” The article highlighted the lives of seven well-deserving prominent Montanans who passed in 2017. I couldn’t help but notice, however, that all seven were men.

I don’t believe this was an intentional decision by the Missoulian to perpetuate the unfortunate cultural norm that men are seen as more highly valued in our society than women. But this was an unfortunate result of this article.

I hope in future, the Missoulian will take greater care to be aware of these damaging cultural biases that exist and intentionally challenge them in their reporting.

I was pleased however to see that the Missoulian printed a similarly themed Helena Independent Record article on Jan. 1 (“Lost leaders: Notable Montanans who died in 2017”) in which five of the eight prominent Montanans that paper chose to profile were female.

Alexandra Scranton,