NorthWestern Energy seems like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. There are a lot of good, hardworking people who work for NWE — the few power outages I experience are pretty short. But NWE’s corporate board and leadership create unfair policies hostile to Montana ratepayers.

NWE is a monopoly; we don’t have the option of buying our power from somewhere else. The only check Montanans have on NWE’s corporate greed is the Public Service Commission. During the recent legislative session, NWE attempted to shirk any oversight by the PSC with Senate Bill 331. But that PSC oversight is the only way that the Montanan’s interests are maintained.

Now NWE has a rate case before the PSC that will increase costs to all ratepayers. But NWE reserves special venom for Montanans wanting to save by generating some of their own power. NWE doesn’t want any competition, and is using a fraudulent study it commissioned to justify exorbitant charges to clear the field of homeowners with solar panels.

Montana PSC, we need you to do your job. NWE is perfectly willing to unfairly gouge Montanans. We are counting on you to rein NWE in and serve the best interests of Montana ratepayers.

Ed Gulick,


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