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In a publicly owned Missoulian, we might have read details about the second time our president selected a new justice for the U.S. Supreme Court from names listed by the Federalist Society.

In a publicly owned Missoulian, we might have read details regarding how our president ignored findings of our CIA, and disregarded the first degree symbolic murder of a resident of America, by Saudia Arabia.

In a publicly owned Missoulian, we might have read how our president walked away from law, tradition and orderly succession by de facto firing our Department of Justice attorney general, and summarily appointing a secretly financed, woefully unqualified individual as acting attorney general of the DOJ.

On Thanksgiving day, in a publicly owned Missoulian, we would not have read an article containing 19 column inches about the plans of three top Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee, but only three column inches about what the blue wave-supported upcoming Judiciary chairman had to say.

For instance, about how the Department of Justice must defend, not attack, the Affordable Care Act. And must defend regulations protecting clean air and clean water.

A publicly owned Missoulian might offer fair and balanced, non-partisan reporting about Congress.

And reach more customers.

Bob Williams,


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