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Judge Don Molloy:

The Fish and Wildlife Service needs to do more for lynx unless they can make more habitat for snowshoe rabbits. No rabbit, no lynx. Rabbits control lynx populations.

This lynx scam has been gone too long. (Judge Molloy ended it).

Trappers have no effect on lynx, as they trap a minute amount of lynx habitat.

I have been a trapper in Montana since 1964. There are few places I haven’t had a trap in northwest Montana.

The best bait is a skinned coyote.

Lynx are easier to find than a porcupine. I haven’t seen one in 20 years.

Why don’t you talk to us old trappers? We know a lot more than you think.

I caught lynx for years until the seasons were closed. My best year was nine lynx and there were a lot left around when the season closed.

Mike Dey,


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