I see your Republican campaign advertisement masquerading as a column made it in to the Missoulian at the same time as that of Adam Hertz (guest column, Nov. 1). No coincidence. This is a well planned one-two punch allowed by this newspaper in lieu of charging you for an ad. Really, Missoulian?

Team Liberty? Do you mean like U.S. Sen. Steve Daines and U.S. Rep. Greg Gianforte? Or U.S. Sen. "Moscow Mitch" McConnell and his group of tax preparers?

Of course property taxes are higher than we’d like, but claiming that Republicans will anything about it is ridiculous. Tax benefits to the wealthy 1% and corporate welfare are the property of the Republicans, not the Democrats. Quite the sleight of hand there, Ramos.

By adding your photograph to a column and promoting the campaigns of other candidates, this is not a column. Since you and Adam Hertz have been skirting the truth as to why these "letters" or "columns" were written, you are proving that neither you nor your local party affiliation can be trusted with any "change" you promise to bring.

Jeffrey Brown,


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