This Wednesday, June 12, at 2 p.m., the Ravalli County Board of Health will have a meeting upstairs in the Bedford Building in Hamilton at which the BOH will decide whether to address the serious health effects on large mammals, especially humans, that imidacloprid was shown to cause in the State University of South Dakota study on white-tailed deer that was published in Nature on March 14.

Anyone with children or grandchildren should be especially concerned about what imidacloprid was found to do to the mother deer and their fawns. The birth defects and adverse health issues on human newborns that have increased since imidacloprid began being used in 1994 are very similar to those documented on other mammals and on the SD study deer. In the SD study, the deer that had birth defects or died had the highest levels of imidacloprid in their spleen.

Attention, beekeepers: Imidacloprid is the same insecticide that is killing honeybees and needs to be banned immediately.

Please come to the meeting to speak out against imidacloprid, which studies have shown kills earthworms; most insects, including pollinators; fish; amphibians; reptiles; birds; and small and large mammals.

Judy Hoy,


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