Someone tried to murder Leonard Pitts recently. They "swatted" the home of the African American Miami Herald columnist early Sunday morning. Someone called 911 saying that Pitts had murdered his wife and would kill any police officers who came after him.

Fortunately, the police behaved responsibly. Instead of rushing in with guns blazing, they called and told Pitts to come out, investigated, found nothing and left. Nobody arrested, nobody dead.

I have absolutely zero doubt that the person who made the 911 call intended Pitts and his family to die. They expected the police to kick down the door ready to kill anything that moved, including Pitts's grandchild who is living with the family.

This was a hate crime. There is no doubt about it.

The threat from Islamic terrorism in this country is minuscule. The threat from white supremacist terrorism is much larger, still small but growing, and has been with us for 150 years.

I hope they find the terrorist who did this, that he is prosecuted and convicted for multiple counts of attempted murder and hate crimes. And I hope that all patriotic Americans will wake up and recognize the true threat to our democracy.

Joanne Lindstrand,


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