Midst all the general complaints at our high property taxes, the confusion of our city planning, the anguish attendant to our fire season, and the cracked, bleeding lips inevitable in the cold of our winters, I am not sure whether Missoulians often consider just how wonderful is the town in which they live. I, for my part, most definitely do.

I love this town. I was born in this town, reared in this town and thus have ample reason to be well acquainted with it. Its people are beautiful; its community is flourishing, its natural setting riveting. It is likely the most cosmopolitan and worldly of all the cities of Montana, the most enlightened, and the most open to all peoples.

Whether I am walking beside the softly flowing waters of the Clark Fork, sipping a coffee and enjoying a croissant at Le Petit, passing through the beautiful campus of our university, or simply visiting downtown, I feel profound joy and gratitude that I am a Missoulian. I hope that I am not alone in these sentiments.

O people of Missoula! Rejoice in your town! Arise and dance in thankfulness that you are here and not in some backwater!

Joshua Hall,


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