For every child that dies this night in Syria, I charge the coward in the White House with murder. For his decision to turn our backs on the Kurds, who have fought ISIS for us so our sons and daughters might be spared, I charge Donald J. Trump with cowardice. Traitor to our nation for taking his orders from Putin, who is now helping Turkey kill our allies.

Can you imagine if this had happened in 1943? Hey England, you are on your own. Hey France, too bad for you.

If you are a veteran of Vietnam and you support the actions of the White House, you need to reconsider your stance. If you are a veteran of Iraq or Afghanistan, I beg you to contact Trump with your disgust.

I shed tears for the mothers and children who find no safety in their homeland today because of the whim of an idiot in the Oval Office dancing for the dictator of Turkey.

Our nation is shamed. Remove this coward from any decision-making position. Liar, cheater, coward. Enough.

Cheryl Sage,


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