Roger Koopman writes a truly frightening opinion in the Oct. 2 Missoulian.

He berates schools and parents for permitting students to participate in the recent worldwide marches and demonstrations protesting inaction or slow response to the almost universally accepted threat of climate change.

He offers the bare-faced lie that “the best of America’s scientists have been honest and courageous enough to say that this crisis is world-class hogwash,” while in truth it’s recognized by over 98% of leading climate scientists to be perhaps the largest and most dangerous threat to the earth and mankind ever measured.

He says schools teaching climate change “indoctrinate” our students with “only one side of the man-made climate change debate,” although there is no valid “other side” to the implied “debate” except the lies heard from the chorus of willfully ignorant deniers, who, like Koopman, call climate change concerns nothing but “activity organized by out-of-town leftist activists.”

Most frightening is that this ignorant, dishonest hack is a member of our Public Service Commission, with power to rule against “leftist” plans for renewable energy, but favoring the continuation of Montana’s feckless coal dependency. He must be replaced, and soon.

Bill Boughton,


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