I see the corners of all the streets in downtown Missoula are being replaced. Again.

How many tries does it take to get this right? President Obama’s recovery plan replaced them all around 2010 — you know, when they gave us those goofy bike lanes that we have to use for sidewalks since the city council prefers the real sidewalks be blocked with tables and sideboards.

Those corners functioned nicely, were Americans with Disabilities Act compliant, had pretty paint, the works! They were built to last for decades, or at least until 2017, when the city decided the stoplights needed to be replaced, and while they were at it, replace those pesky seven-year-old corners. So they did.

As it turns out, seven years appears to be a pretty long lifespan for a corner in downtown Missoula as the not quite two-year-old ones are now being torn out.

I know this constant barrage of concrete sure gives me confidence that my representatives are wisely using my tax dollars. I don’t suppose the mayor, Department of Transportation, the governor, anyone really, could have said “we don't need new corners” and suggested, sagely, that the money could be better spent elsewhere? Nah. 

Jeffrey Koch,


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