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The protracted Republican anti-higher education effort has achieved their goal. Enrollments at universities have declined steadily since 2010 and schools are struggling to remain viable. The University of Montana still seeks the resignations of 22 more professors.

The Republican Congress, its book-burning leader and their quasi-educated president are so fearful young Americans will study literature, art, music, history and languages (including English), they continue to squeeze budgets for education. Their animosity towards educators stems from fears that more learned persons will continue to register as Democrats. Their goal of making America a nation of plumbers and motorcycle mechanics is getting within reach. Colleges are turning out few teachers.

School districts across America are importing teachers from southeast Asia, India and Pakistan. Philippine teachers are scrambling to gain visas into the educator-starved USA. The conditions these "immigrant" teachers face to get paychecks in American schoolrooms make them little better than indentured servants. They're being robbed, but they seek work in America that Americans will no longer do, it seems.

Ironic, isn't it? A party based on greed and bigotry has to recruit immigrants their president despises in order to teach their redneck progeny.

Herbert Myers,


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