The disconnection and the absurd: the usual discourse with the average Republican.

Today I heard this point of argument when a Republican was trying to defend Donald Trump’s racist behavior on a show I listen to. This is not exactly the conversation heard earlier today, but is a juxtaposition of arguments of Republicans I have heard or read in the recent past.

Republican: “I don’t like Trump but I care about the economy and it is doing great under him.”

Question to Republican: “Did you like the economic policies of George W. Bush which led to the crash of 2007, the worst crash in the economy since the Republican Great Crash of 1929?”

Republican: “No I did... but I didn’t... no I didn’t!”

Question to Republican: “What difference in economic policies are there between Trump and G.W.Bush? They both gave considerable tax breaks to primarily to the wealthy in time of surplus. Both were following a template started by Ronald Reagan.”

Republican: “Well... uh... It was Obama’s fault.”

To Republican: “But didn’t Obama help restore the economy from the free fall and set up the economy for the gains it still experiences, but now at a lower rate?”

Republican: “Well... uh... Hillary Clinton... Benghazi...”

Erwin Curry,


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