In my years of working as a professional engineer in federal and state government, as well as a time in the private sector, I hated working on a "political structure" such as what design and construction engineers are and will be tasked to do on the southern border wall.

This highly costly and dubious project is being pushed by one man and one political party. The libertarian CATO Institute has listed the many reasons for this folly project (the wall) to be dropped in a May 2017 publication.

Why did I hate working on design and construction of such a project? First, I never worked on a project of this magnitude in cost and controversy. But to my point, during planning, survey and design, I would take heat from the public as well as colleagues for the waste of said project. The larger the potential actual or perceived waste, the larger the ridicule and criticism. During the construction phase, one was even more exposed to chastisement. Construction workers also were exposed to undeserving ridicule.

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So my heart goes out for those tasked to complete this vanity project down south. Where are the "fiscal conservatives"?

Erwin Curry,


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