In honor of the Women's March, I would like to do a short review of the accomplishments of "The Resistance." 

"The Resistance" started after a truly horrible Democratic Party candidate for president lost to a game show host. This candidate could not explain away why she ran such a horrible campaign, so she blamed her loss on Russia.

For three years now people to the left of corporations have been red-baited and called Russian assets. The liberals must be really proud that they now belong to the party of McCarthyism and xenophobia. After two years, people started to realize that Russiagate was complete and utter BS.

So now we have impeachment. There were probably a hundred things they could have impeached Donald Trump on but they chose the weakest articles of impeachment they could find. What is this impeachment about? It's about distraction.

"The Resistance" is going to demonize Trump while at the same time giving Trump everything he wants. "The Resistance" is on the same side as Trump, and we, the people, are going to feel the pain from this unholy marriage of neocons and neoliberals. Look the other way while we rob you of what's left.

Frans Swier,


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