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Chase Reynolds is running for the state Senate. I’m sure you all know him as a star Grizzly and NFL player. There is a lot more to Reynolds than being an outstanding athlete. It took hard work and focus to reach his accomplishments in the sports world. He applies those same disciplines to his everyday life.

What impresses me is his common-sense approach to problem-solving. His decisions are not tainted by ideological constraints. In other words, he looks to do the right thing, not the politically correct thing.

Reynolds is well-grounded. He does a lot of free gratis public service and never seeks recognition for it. He is comfortable associating with people of all social status.

Reynolds understands fiscal responsibility. He also understands that tax dollars are other people's hard-earned dollars that need to be allocated responsibly for “needs” instead of “wants.”

His ability to keep focused on the “end game,” no pun intended, is what makes him the right choice for a valuable addition to our state Senate. His non-political background is a plus. No hidden agenda.

He is young, smart, energetic and has uncompromising integrity. We need him in the Senate.

Stan Spencer,


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