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The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks website has an application for the "Mayfield Roadside Menagerie" to enslave two black bears in concrete and wire fencing at their "prison" in Paradise Valley. This is yet another example of cruel humans stealing the lives of non-humans for profit.

This is the logic of semiocapitalism, in which the quest for money overrides all common sense, empathy and science. If these applicants gain approval to expand their prison, these bears will live their lives in misery, restrained from engaging in behaviors that are representative of their species. If FWP approves this animal prison, then they will become co-conspirators in a sadistic, violent, money-making enterprise.

I am unaware of the "bible" that morally justifies such horrendous behavior. I am also appalled at the hubris of these humans who would destroy the natural lives of these magnificent bears. If you stop at one of these prisons, or give them any of your money, then you, too, become a co-conspirator.

Make a stand, people. It is our state and we have a duty to protect the animal life here from such base predators. Wouldn’t it be more morally justifiable to close this prison rather than expand it?

Kevin Boileau,


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