I have finally recovered from the nuclear eye roll that overtook me as I read Wes Spiker's "eloquent" embrace of the proposed riverfront condo project on Fourth Street (guest column, Jan. 5). 

He makes some telling points: He has actually walked the site and seen the decay and neglect; he has looked at the plans and touts the affordability of some units. There's already a waiting list!

He says the riverfront "was always intended for development" — except back when it wasn't.

He wonders, "why isn't anyone but realtors expressing support for the project?" (Think about it, Mr. Spiker.)

Furthermore, everyone he's talked to in his "social circle" would like to live there. Does that account for the waiting list?

But the biggest and best reason: He wants to live there!

Excuse me, I need another eye-roll time out.

Annette Walker,


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