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Romano will restore integrity to OPI

Romano will restore integrity to OPI


The State of Montana is at a critical crossroads. The education of over 149,178 students, the well being of over 17,000 educators, and the integrity of the MT Office of Public Instruction is being held hostage by Superintendent Elsie Arntzen who has been in over her head since 2016 and is dismantling the substance and purpose of the OPI.

It is clear that running a state agency is not a skill Superintendent Arntzen possesses. Consistency, transparency, and continuity are nonexistent. There is, however, an overt amount of condescension, demeaning, and belittling of employees. Not to mention micromanaging, even when she doesn’t know what she’s micromanaging!

It is even more difficult, to see her ideological determination to damage, if not destroy, accreditation and licensure standards while trying to subvert the board of public education in the process. Arntzen will do whatever it takes to distort what she is, by administrative rule and state law, required to do.

Four more years of Elsie Arntzen’s leadership is worrisome, but avoidable.

Montana, please get out and vote. Support Melissa Romano. She will restore integrity to OPI and respect to its hard-working employees.

Patty Muir,

Recently Retired

Accreditation Program Director

Montana Office of Public Instruction, Helena

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