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There are very serious ethical and possibly legal issues with the fact that Matt Rosendale signed two legal documents pledging that he was a resident of Maryland in the same year he was in the Montana Legislature.

In February 2015, Matt Rosendale was serving in the Montana legislature and planning his campaign for state auditor. Many folks had raised questions about how Rosendale recently moved to Montana from the East Coast, and still had his strong Maryland accent. Rosendale insisted that his home was in Montana. But little did we know that in February of 2015, Matt Rosendale was also signing, under penalty of perjury, that he was a resident of Maryland on paperwork that would secure him a Maryland resident tax break.

A Montanan believes in Montana values and our way of life. Rosendale has proven repeatedly that he does not share those values — from his attempts to transfer public lands to not supporting affordable health care to voting against protections for victims of sex trafficking. Rosendale only considers Montana home when it helps his political career.

Real Montanans know better than to vote for a man who so obviously considers his home to be on the East Coast.

Edd Blackler,


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