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If Matt Rosendale wants Montana voters to take his candidacy seriously, he should focus on his own talents and accomplishments. He needs to make the connection between what he has to offer and what Montana needs.

Rosendale has a real resume as a land developer. The next step is explaining how that toolset can serve Montana citizens. Maybe there are benefits to his experience, but he doesn’t seem to have much faith in it himself, since he doesn’t mention it. Or maybe he doesn’t have faith in Montana voters to sort wheat from chaff — but if he doesn’t trust us, why should we trust him?

Rosendale also has 10 years of political experience. This campaign is an opportunity to remind Montanans of his signature accomplishments while in office. If his bean-counting as state auditor is superior, give us a comparison with the past performance of the office.

Rosendale needs to speak directly to his vision of Montana’s future and how he means to get us there. If Matt Rosendale really is Montana’s best choice, he needs to stop hiding his light under a bushel.

Blythe Woolston,


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