Matt Rosendale is no friend to Montanans. There are numerous reasons, the most critical being that he is deep in the pockets of health insurance suppliers.

Rosendale has repeatedly argued to get rid of pre-existing condition clauses in health plans. He feels plans that cover pre-existing conditions are Cadillacs. Insurers will soon argue most all conditions are pre-existing. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autism, asthma, migraine headaches. Only accidents or newly contracted diseases would be covered.

Extreme? Not in Rosendale’s world. He prefers junk plans that cover only the basics. Something like 54,000 Montana children have pre-existing health issues. They could all be denied coverage. 425,000 Montanans have pre-existing conditions. With the Rosendale plan, none would have coverage. Plus, most junk plans have lifetime cap limits. If you develop heart disease near that limit, oh well. Sell your house and your kids.

Rosendale has also supported high-risk pools, which generally have lifetime or annual limits, exclude pre-existing conditions, and have waiting periods for enrollment. Such plans may be great for the incredibly healthy, until they are no longer healthy.

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Rosendale has said, lately, that he wants pre-existing conditions covered. If you want to know what he really believes, check his record.

Gary Brooks,


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