On July 5, a group of us came to Great Falls to support U.S. Sen. Jon Tester outside the Trump/Rosendale rally. My friends I and joined a small group of protesters on the street instead of going inside to the "protest area." From there we saw the motorcade coming and going, and had the dubious "honor" of seeing Trump's face in the car window.

In between those events, some of us noticed a familiar smell and thought we must be downwind of a feed lot. Being Montanans, we weren't bothered too much. It wasn't until we were leaving that we found the source. A Hutterite man had purposely parked his truck full of silage behind us. And there he was, grinning like he had really pulled off a good one!

How rude and stupid. Plus ineffective, because it didn't faze most of us and no one moved because of it. In fact, it may backfire on the guy because one of the group had a picture taken with her "Dump Drumpf" sign in front of the truck showing the license plate with the intent to post it on Facebook. Touché.

Mari von Hoffmann,


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