In order for Northwestern Energy to continue their 10% profit margin on their investment in Colstrip Unit 4, the Montana Public Service Commission has passed the additional costs on to the consumer once again. This results in a $6.5 million rate increase for Montanans and a 7% reduction in rates for large customers like ExxonMobil.

When will the Public Service Commission decide to serve the public’s interests? On Dec. 26, the PSC will make their final decision about the rate case, which could result in a brand new demand charge for rooftop solar customers, crushing the solar industry and energy freedom.

The transparency of the PSC and public input has been lost from the decisions made by the PSC concerning our rates. Corporate control of our government needs to stop now. We need leaders who prioritize the people and the climate to step up and run for office against the money-corrupt politicians. We are working hard every day to make sure that this PSC seat is taken back to Montanans' interests.

I am running for the PSC to make sure that all of these decisions are transparent and always in favor of the public’s interests.

Daniel Carlino,


Montana Public

Service Commission,


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