Dramatic world events always spawn conspiracies like millions of spores spreading from an exploding puffball. I’m no different to anyone else in this regard, in enjoying a good conspiracy. JFK’s assaination, and the resulting conspiracy theories, was something I grew up with, after all. So here is my best conspiracy in partially explaining the POTUS’s dealings with all Russian matters. Nina Burleigh, an established and respected author, who recently wrote a book called “Golden Handcuffs, the Secret History Of Trump’s Women”, has noted that in almost every relationship in Trump’s inner circle, blackmail of some form is involved. Remember Trump threatening Senator Jon Tester of revealing dirt, in the Dr. Ronnie Jackson’s VA nomination debacle? I suspect that Trump in his past dealings with Russian Oligarchs has tried his standard blackmail practice on underworld Russians who easily turned the tables on him. Putin, a Russian Oligarch himself controls the other oligarchs with an iron fist. I suspect this is the story behind this President and Putin and his soft-shoeing towards Russia. This is purely conjecture using common sense, and connecting what dots are available to connect. My conspiracy hat, I will now take off.

Erwin Curry,


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