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Missoula County Commissioners Dave Strohmaier and Josh Slotnick are intent on costing Missoula County taxpayers millions of dollars by turning down federal gas tax money to replace Maclay Bridge.

Three scientific studies over almost 30 years have concluded that replacing Maclay Bridge with a new bridge at South Avenue is the only viable alternative to dealing with Maclay Bridge problems.

Because of a vacuous campaign promise made by Commissioner Strohmaier these two commissioners want to pursue an in-place rehab of Maclay Bridge, which has been studied and rejected multiple times as a solution to the problems with the bridge. In the process of pursuing their desired result, these commissioners are making the county responsible for the approximately $1.4 million that has been spent by the Montana Department of Transportation on studies related to a South Avenue Bridge and also will make county taxpayers responsible for the $12-plus million needed for his desired rehab. That number does not include the cost of condemning five residences near Maclay Bridge that his rehab would require. Of course this is money the county does not have and would have to tax county taxpayers for.

Missoula County does not need commissioners who waste taxpayer money and deny scientific facts.

Don St. Peter,


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