One only needs to spend about an hour watching the KOMO TV documentary "Seattle is Dying" (YouTube) to understand last Friday's headline, "Police respond to complaints" (Missoulian).

The “homeless” in Missoula, like Seattle, Portland, Spokane, are “homeless” by their choice to not seek treatment for mental illness and/or addiction. Missoula bleeding hearts keep throwing good money after bad, creating more “homeless” shelters rather than arresting and treating the real issues.

Normal humans, even those truly homeless, do not urinate on the street, defecate on sidewalks, in alleys and parking garages, do not steal shopping carts and shoplift taxpaying business folks out of business.

Missoula Police Officer Travis Welsh, you can arrest those breaking the law. Poverello Center Executive Director Allison Thompson, neighborhood meetings solve nothing because the roots of the problems do not attend meetings.

Incarcerate and treat. Once word spreads that the Missoula's free lunch is over, the “homeless” will not be an issue.

Take the time to watch "Seattle is Dying." The solution is near the end of the documentary. It will give cause for real, productive action and call out mental illness and addiction for what it really is. Until then, same old, same old.

Dale A. Hanson,


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