You often hear Donald Trump complain about fake news. Sadly, most people have not heard of alternative media and the get their news from corporate media.

Most media outlets in this country are owned by six corporate entities. The news is not fake; it is, however, shown through a corporate lens. A corporation is a purely sociopathic entity. The corporate charter tells the corporation to make a profit at any cost. Profits before people, amen. But this is how people want to consume their news.

Corporate media is the best propaganda money can buy. If Exxon wants to get their hands on Venezuela's oil reserves, the corporate media will play the war drums. If you need to demonize the poor, the corporate media will do deep investigations into food stamp fraud. If you find out that the two parties have been suppressing the vote, the corporate media will bury the story. They will do stories about climate change. The television will cover climate change about five minutes out of every year. Print media will cover it in a blurb on the back page.

There are alternatives to the propaganda and protection of the status quo; you just have to seek it.

Frans Swier,


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