Dear Greta Thunberg:

You are doomed. As is your entire generation. The science of population biology predicts it. K selected populations (humans are one) increase until they surpass the carrying capacity of their environment and then they crash. Possibly to extinction. The greater they exceed carrying capacity, the more severe the resulting decline.

OK boomer, hug your children and grandchildren because they will soon be going through a tough patch. I am truly sorry. I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it.

When birders no longer fly to go bird-watching, hunters stop driving hundreds of miles to shoot a couple of 4-pound birds, when everyone who can afford a solar panel has one, when I drive by your high school and the parking lot is empty, then I'll believe it is possible. None of those things will happen because you skip class on Friday.

You must get people out of their comfort zones. You must shame or scare them. The Black Panthers were as important to the civil rights movement as was Martin Luther King Jr. Get out there and prove me wrong.

Dennis Daneke,


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