I support Amber Sherrill for City Council in Ward 4. Her history of volunteerism, nonprofit work, and endorsements by the Democrats, labor and conservation, clearly shows that Sherrill cares about the future of Missoula.

Not only do I believe Sherrill will be an important asset to Missoula, but I have major concerns about her opponent, Alan Ault. During the recent City Council candidate forum, Ault said he doesn’t want organizational endorsements, but he is endorsed by the Republicans and something called Team Liberty. Has he rejected those endorsements? Nope. He called himself a Labor Democrat/Moderate Republican but he filed with the Commissioner of Political Practices as a Republican.

As a "Labor Democrat," he plans cutting the municipal workers' healthcare coverage. I guess Ault believes that city employees do not deserve quality health care and he does not understand that their coverage is a part of a collective bargaining agreement. Before preaching transparency in government, Ault needs to apply honesty and transparency to his Ward 4 campaign.

Amber Sherrill has worked hard in Missoula to improve our lives and our community. I urge Ward 4 voters to support real transparency and thoughtful governance by voting for Amber Sherrill.

Loren Pinski,


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