I'm hoping that all the individuals who decided to celebrate the Fourth with fireworks have also cleaned up their trash.

I awoke Friday morning to see remnants of said celebration all over my lawn and driveway. Yes, you do get to blow off your fireworks, of that I have no doubt, but to leave the trash is a whole different story. Instead of celebrating our country you have added to the already staggering amount of litter.

Every Fourth I batten down the hatches. I have a dog which is scared to death. I'm watching the neighbors' cat for them while they camp. She was running down the road (I found her this morning); and finally, I have a husband who is a Vietnam vet, and he says you have the right to shoot off your fireworks, even though he has severe PTSD and the fireworks sound just like the mortars he had to deal with. So actually there is no celebrating our country in that way at my house.

I am simply asking, do you know your neighbors and what you may be putting them through? Their pets? Do you pick up your trash you left? Whose duty is that?

Dawn Ankenman,


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